Wednesday 6p ET / 5p CT / 4p MT / 3p PT
First show for SEASON 3 starts Wednesday September 19th!

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HS Radio Network

LIVE from Springfield, Illinois - Capitol Area Career Center

LIVE from Springfield Illinois at the studios of WQNA - Capitol Area Career Center


HS Radio Network

LIVE from Kettering, Ohio - Kettering Fairmont High School

LIVE from the Kettering, Ohio from the studios of WKET - Kettering Fairmont High School


HS Radio Network

LIVE from Pebble Beach, California - Stevenson School

Live from Pebble Beach, California at the studios of KSPB - Stevenson School


HS Radio Network

LIVE from Lowell Michigan - Lowell Area Schools

Live from Lowell, Michigan at the studios of WRWW - Lowell Area Schools


HS Radio Network Launch

LIVE from Vacaville, California - Vacaville Christian High School

The official start date of this amazing student radio network.

Live from Vacaville, California at the studios of KVCB - Vacaville Christian High School

if all high school stations came together for one hour a week!!!! 

Launch Date Season 3
September 19th, 2018
Here's how it works:
Stations sign up with a commitment to broadcast the network feed LIVE at a particular time. It's W*** student broadcaster's turn to broadcast whatever they want (within rules), then it's K***'s turn, etc... 

If 4 stations join the network, then the students get to broadcast on 4 stations. 
If 20 stations join the network...

Add to that prerecorded program exchanges and we have a POWERFUL NETWORK TOOL FOR EVERY MEMBER STATION!!

All we need to do is commit to making it a great experience for all students involved!


Ralph Martin
VCS Radio KVCB 100.9 FM 
Student-run radio from Vacaville Christian Schools

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Message to my fellow broadcast educators!!  

Message to my fellow broadcast educators!! 

I'm certainly not getting much sleep! 

What was it like to stay up all night doing a radiothon for a high school radio station? Ask just about any broadcast teacher; especially around about the second day of the last hour of an all-nighter! You'll still get a thumbs-up; we're a spirited sort, aren't we!?!  

There's nothing like kids spinning vinyl like we used to do, and it's more amazing when it's to kick off National High School Radio Week, April 21 - 28, 2018! That's why we did it this last weekend! 24 hours; all LIVE through the night with guests and live music and records, and all to celebrate an entire week of special recognition of high school's contribution to the radio broadcast landscape!  

We had guests coming in even at 3 am!  

What's coming up? We have professional broadcasters joining us and so much more! 

Looking forward to hearing how your week goes!!  

No celebration is too big or too small!! 


Ralph, KVCB 100.9FM Vacaville 

From Tom Gilding, WBSD GM, 

WBSD Loves High School Radio Week 

WBSD 89.1 Burlington, WI (Listen anywhere at ) had a Spring Concert Series: April 6, Yen Kates from Toronto, April 20, 2018, with Recording Artist Connor Garvey from Maine and 3-time Illinois Fiddle Champ (who is our Women In Rock host) Georgia Rae.  April 27 we take a trip to 102.1 FM Milwaukee, Milwaukee Lakefront to ride Bubbler Bikes on the lakefront, and then lunch and show at Comedy Sportz.

The new season kicks off with a great show from WRWW 

Congratulations WRWW!!! 

Our students were listening and loved your energy!! Listeners called in to ask for a couple song titles -- you know --- great radio stuff   :) 

High school Radio is blazing new trails!!!

We'e looking forward to our turn this Wednesday!!


Welcome back!! 

Hope you all had a restful vacation [even though i know many of you were probably still doing the radio thing - but that can be restful too]. 

It's a new semester (for most of us) and time to move into the next adventures with RADIO!!! 

National High School Radio Network: 

The second semester is ready to go and wide open. To make it fair and to keep with the goal of making this free opportunity available to as many students across the country as possible we'll start the fill up with up to 2 spots per station. 
If there are still unclaimed spots, we'll open it up to 3rds and then 4th's etc. 


Let's make this happen!! 

I'm excited about getting high school stations together to make great radio by talented student broadcasters available to a broader audience!!